School's Strategy

Our Vision

The School of Languages is a center for excellence in education in the teaching of foreign languages, literatures, cultural studies and conducting research

Our Goals

The School of Languages aims to achieve the following objectives:

 - Qualifying specialists in foreign languages to meet the increasing demands of the   

    local and regional labor market.

 -  Supporting faculty to conduct scientific research in an interactive environment

 - Reinforcing cooperation and partnership between the School of Languages and the    

    local community institutions in order to enrich and develop its programs and  

    serve the local community.

-      Graduating highly responsible citizens having unparalleled commitment to ethics, professionalism, and pride in their national identity and culture and having respect for world cultures and are appreciative of pluralism and cultural diversity.​ 

Our Mission

The School of Languages seeks to be a center of excellence in education in the region in the disciplines of foreign languages, literature, and translation, support faculty to facilitate the teaching/learning process and conduct research, graduate highly qualified cadres in language teaching, translation and graduate trained scholars fully qualified to work in the fields of business, mass media and tourism with the ultimate aim of serving the local community. 


Faculty of Languages -Aqaba

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