Overview The University of Jordan in Aqaba was founded in September, 2009 as a prompt response to the insightful vision and Royal Decree of His Majesty King Abdullah II with the aim of transforming the Aqaba Special Economic Zone into an outstanding regional and international center of investment and tourism. The School of Languages at the University of Jordan in Aqaba fosters the belief that languages are the key for cross-cultural understanding and progress. The main objective of establishing the School of Languages was to provide the rapidly growing Aqaba labor market with highly qualified cadres speaking foreign languages needed for the administration and advancement of Aqaba governorate in different fields and on various levels. Furthermore, as an international coastal and tourist city, Aqaba needs highly trained cadres in every profession to communicate with tourists and businessmen speaking various languages. The School of Languages started with two departments: the Department of English Language and Literature and the Department of French Language and Literature. Currently, the School of Languages offers the following programs on the undergraduate level: Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Bachelor’s Degree in Applied English, Bachelor’s Degree in French and English Languages, and Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic Language and Literature. On the graduate level, the School of Languages offers M.A program in Translation and as of next year it plans to offer a new M.A program in English Literature. Most of the faculty teaching in the School of Languages graduated from highly prestigious universities in the U.S.A, the U.K, France, Spain and other European countries. The School of Languages also offers courses in the basic skills of both Arabic and English languages to all students from all specializations such as Basics of English and English Communication Skills. Moreover, the School of Languages also offers many courses in Spanish for beginners and intermediate students and courses in the humanities and social sciences as university obligatory and elective courses. Inspired by UJ’s philosophy in forging ties and building bridges with the local community and seeking to contribute to the sustained development of the local community, the School of Languages offers courses in foreign languages to people in Aqaba and its surroundings. These courses include English, Spanish, and French languages, Arabic for Speakers of other Languages as well as TOEFL courses.

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